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At every stage of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department of Chemistry's growth, dedicated students and faculty have been instrumental in guaranteeing our success in education and research.

Funding our chemical enterprise has never been easy, and it continually has benefited from the support of our alumni.

Strong and continuous financial support from alumni and other departmental friends is as vital as ever to our vibrant and growing chemistry program. Generous annual contributions provide crucial funds to support important endeavors, such as awarding scholarships and fellowships to outstanding graduate student researchers and teachers; providing travel grants for student and faculty research presentations at regional and national scientific meetings; upgrading departmental research equipment and facilities; and recruiting high-caliber students and faculty.

Join us in guiding our department strongly upward and assuring future students and faculty of a successful second 150 years of chemistry at The University of Iowa!

The following funds represent the philanthropic priorities of the Department of Chemistry. Thank you for your support!

Gift Amount

Department of Chemistry Development Fund


Gifts made to this account are used for program support, including faculty/staff recruiting, travel, program promotion, fellowships, scholarships, renovation, and other items that may best serve the chemistry academic program.

Chemistry Education Fund


Gift funds support undergraduate chemistry instruction.

Department of Chemistry Graduate Fellowship Fund


This fund supports graduate student fellowships to aid in the pursuit of study or research, primarily used for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for classes at the University of Iowa, and/or compensation for services, since all candidates for a particular degree are required to provide service (teaching or research).

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