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On August 1, 2002, a new service was established in the Division of Pediatric Nutrition, Carver College of Medicine, the Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa. In March, 2006 the Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa joined the Department of Food and Nutrition Services.

In May, 2003, the milk bank began providing pasteurized donor human milk to infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the UI Children's Hospital. While premature infants across Iowa have highest priority in receiving donor milk, when the supply is sufficient infants with inborn immunological deficiencies, infants whose mothers experience insufficient milk supply, adopted infants, and infants whose mothers have illnesses requiring temporary cessation of breast feeding also may receive donor milk. In some cases, feeding donor milk is lifesaving.

Experts agree that human milk is best for infants. Evidence and facts confirm it. Mother's own milk is number one. Next is donor human milk.

Human milk feeding is a fundamental right for all infants. It is essential for the infant born premature. Human milk is unrivaled and has benefits that span a lifetime. The Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa was born so that infants have a readily available source of human milk when mothers own is insufficient.

Do you want to give a gift that is lasting and makes a difference? Please donate to Feed a Baby Gift Plan. This plan aims to gift donor human milk to babies who need it and do not have insurance or their insurance does not pay for the processing fee.

Feed a Baby Gift Plan nourished a baby for:

  • 4 months on donor human milk. She was in palliative care at home, with heart disease, Down's Syndrome and formula intolerance. Subsequently, she became a candidate for heart surgery.
  • 2 weeks on donor human milk. Her mother had to take medication that was contraindicated for breast feeding. Mother pumped and discarded her milk during this time. Then she resumed breast feeding.

Funds are urgently needed for Feed a Baby Gift Plan. Collectively, we can nourish a baby, 1 bottle at a time.

Gift Amount

Mother's Milk Bank of Iowa


Make a difference in the lives of vulnerable citizens. Feed a baby:
  • 1 bottle of donor human milk ($14.56)
  • 2 bottle of donor human milk ($29.12)
  • 3 bottle of donor human milk ($43.68)

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