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The Department of Political Science in the University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is one of the best in the nation. Our faculty's scholarship, professional activities, and research conducted in the United States and in many other countries have earned Iowa a reputation among the top political science departments in America.

One of the most popular majors on campus, Political Science has educated thousands of future leaders in local, state, and national politics; public administration; business; and the professions. Many of our majors win admission to the country's best graduate schools and most prestigious colleges of law. The department is notable as well for having trained some of the country's most productive and renowned professors of political science.

Much of this success is because the department provides opportunities for student-faculty collaborations and hands-on learning. Iowa's faculty has had great success in winning federal support for new research and teaching initiatives. Yet to provide students with the best possible educational experience we increasingly depend upon support from alumni and friends of the department. For instance:

  • Iowa students in Political Science learn by doing political science. Your gifts to the department's development fund are making possible exit polls, field trips, small-group experiments, regional surveys, government models, multimedia scholarship, elite interviews, and more. These require subjects, software, hardware, travel, and other resources that are crucial to the quality of Iowa work in Political Science.

  • And Iowa students in Political Science learn by practicing politics. Recent donations are supporting political simulations, writing tutorials, classroom visits, multimedia exercises, film and video demonstrations, Internet and Web experiments, and courses linked to distant sites, students, and experts. Your contributions will help expand Iowa's use of government internships, service learning, policy work, campaign participation, and other political enterprises as components of the undergraduate curriculum.
To keep overall quality high, the University is being forced to raise tuition more than in the past. This means that the Department of Political Science has a keen need for scholarship donations to help support the educations of some of the best students on the Iowa campus. Please help us help our students!

The following funds represent the top philanthropic priorities of The University of Iowa's Department of Political Science. We encourage you to help us sustain and strengthen our program through a gift to one or more of the accounts listed below.

Gift Amount

Political Science Development Fund


Supports the department's areas of greatest need.

Donald B. Johnson Development Fund


Supports teaching, practical politics, and civic engagement in the Department of Political Science.

Gerhard Loewenberg Political Research Fund


Ensures that Iowa faculty and students study politics in a conducive environment, of the sort Professor Loewenberg did so much to foster.

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